Ya Tableegh -- Part VIII

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This is another gem from Brother tazkiyyah. It was written in year 2007 and it is amazing to see how what he said about niqab that time has eventually come true in recent times. 

The waves hit the rocks on a stormy day,
Heralding the coming of the times of fitna
Hold on to your imaan-don’t let it sway,
Problems galore in this age are bound to occur.

They will the snatch the coverings from our women's faces,
And attack us from all conceivable places,
Try and eradicate the sunnah and all its glorious traces,
So that the sha’air are invisible from all public spaces.

Modernism, Post-modernism ,structural semantics,
Are just tools from the box of iblees and his terrible antics,
The west has muslim modernist muqallids that behave as sycophantics,
They have no deep knowledge of islam -just slogans and pedantics.

The social darwinist monsters speak of progress as a blessing,
Faeces coated in gold is but a pathetic dressing,
To the man of wisdom this “progress” is not good but distressing
Replacing revelation’s absolute truth with conjectures and guessing

Ya tableegh…Oh Tableeghi… firm with imaan…Come save the world.
The vacuums in people’s hearts crave the banner of Muhammad(saw) to be unfurled,
Ya tableeghi ….Oh My brother…..Save the ozone layer of our souls,
Our sacred garment of ethics and virtue has been punctured with holes.

Spicy Dialogue With Ghayr-Muqallideen - Part I

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A Debate between Mufti Mahmood Hasan Gangohi Saheb (Rahmatullahi Alayh), former Mufti of Darul Uloom Deoband, and a Ghair Muqallid at the Maqaam-e-Ebrahim

Mufti Mahmood Saheb related that once, a ghair muqallid met him at the Maqaam-e-Ebrahim and said:

Ghair Muqallid: I have heard that you issue fatwas. My advice to you is that you should never issue a fatwa contrary to the Qur’an and Hadith.

Mufti Sahib: If your advice is general then I am grateful and Jazaakallah (may Allah reward you). However, if you have come across any of my fatwas that contradict the Qur’an or Hadith then kindly inform me so that I may look into it. If I have erred then I shall retract. 

Ghair Muqallid: I have not come across any such fatwa. Nevertheless, I have just heard that you issue fatwas. Therefore, I decided to advise you in this regard.

Mufti Sahib: Well, listen attentively to what I have to say. When a query comes before me, I refer to the Qur’an Shareef. If I find the answer recorded in the Qur’an then I do not turn to anything else. For example, the question regarding three talaaqs (in one sitting) came before me. When I referred to the Qur’aan Shareef I found the Aayah:

Two divorces can be issued (Surah Baqarah 2:229)

After a few lines Allah Ta’ala then says:

Then if he divorces her (the third divorce) she will not be halaal for him until she marries another husband. (Surah Baqarah 2:230)

Ya Tableegh -- Part VII

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I forsake my luxurious King-sized bed,
And on the path of Allah with a sleeping bag I tread,
I relinquish my jacuzzi and its relaxing vibrations,
And traipse and stride on tableeghi migrations.

I abdicate my Armani suits,
My versace ties and my gucci boots,
For flowing clothes embodying the “sunnan” essence
Instead of western aesthetic decadence.

My expensive Italian dinner table,
Gives way to a simple sheet on the floor,
For we eat like slaves –for us “abd” is the highest label,
The sunnah for us is sacred law.

My Cartier watch used to count the seconds,
Whilst I dabbed on my clothes aftershaves and lotions
Now only the sound of the enchaning adhan beckons,
In mosques I make lengthy devotions.

My pentium I leave at home,
Whilst I travel to Bangladesh,India Pakistan and Rome,
Disconnected from internet blogs and the information glut ,
I can really focus now on my ibaadah and tahajjud!

Though electronic toothbrushes are all the fashion,
They cannot capture of the miswaak’s barakah a fraction,
Be not led by Colgate’s latest innovation,
My friend follow Muhammad(saw)’s way without deviation.

I squandered my nights watching premier league,
I consecrate my time now with Tableegh,
Carpe diem …seize the day- its of great importance
This commodity has great consequence.

The devils utilise various channels to keep us in intoxication
Using music channels like Zee tv and B-4u with great persuasion,
Luring our ears and eyes with great corruption
Causing our hearts to be coated with black encrustation.

So that noor no longer has any penetration,
Does this point need any more elaboration?
This blessed method of recent times- jam’aah tableegh
Has proven to be efficacious to remove this spiritual fatigue

Ya Tableegh -- Part VI

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We carry A memory of the Edenic State
We thirst for that infinity
Tableegh is the route to actuate
The journey to Ultimate Felicity.

In simple groups of women and men
Breaking the limitations of our egos,
No mumbo-jumbo pseudo-zen
This way's prophetic -have complete repose

Whilst some pursue economic gain,
And philosophers study lengthy works,
Shariah and Tariqa-united the Twain
A straight and smooth journey without the jerks.

This inner jihad awakens from all dreaming
The rhythm of the heart echoes that primordial sacred Name
Polished hearts emerge from this factory gleaming
AFter 4 months the emerging human shall never be the same.