Ya Tableegh -- Part I


This is one of the greatest poem I have ever come across. This poem has been written by a Brother whose Profile name reads Tazkiyyah on Sunniforum.

Brother Tazkiyyah, if by any chance you are reading this post, then accept my commendation for such a contemporary work.

Here we GO:

In an age that lacks spiritual sophistication,
In a time deprived of vertical acceleration,
Humans live on the horizontal plane,
And the qalb gets left behind on this meaningless train.

The fog of a new Jahiliyya obscures one’s sight,
Now neon lights illuminate the night,
And every son of Aadam is bewildered,
To the Promethean bargain he has surrendered.

Drab homogeneity, technology, and lack of direction,
The fitra has been adulterated by satanic infection,
Virgin nature has been raped by this creature who has left the shariah,
They look like men, but are apes in cosmetic veneer.

Believers in chance quantum collisions,
Devoid of purpose and providential visions,
Paradigm shifts and information glut,
The minds are open but the hearts are shut.

How can your jam’aah have anything to offer?
Says the graduate of Harvard ,an intellectual scoffer,
He has no affinity for tableegh,
So I turn to him with great intrigue.

Tableegh has brought Light from Al-Hind,
Blessed be Nizamud-deen and Rai-wind,
Noor of the sunnah gushes and guidance flows,
Amongst miswaak brushes and dhikr in echoes.

They sit obedient – ordered rows begin to fill,
Humility ,Simplicity and silently still,
Taught by elders with nuggets of wisdom,
More precious than diamonds,gold or platinum

Rucksacks carrying sleeping bags hang from their shoulders,
There are no elaborate powerpoint presentations or folders,
But they read from the book of fadail-e-a’maal,
It increases their zeal and creates a Haal.

A sinner has returned from spending three days,
I see it has affected him in a myriad of different ways,
Before he was strolling in shopping malls dressing like Beckham,
Now I see him crying with the fear of Jahannum

There are no more nights spent dreaming of Britney,
Long gone are sessions at the gym trying to look like Arnie,
He reads about Bilal saying Ahad Ahad,
And Of the Prophet(saw)’s tooth bleeding at the battle of Uhud

For the sake of the deen many sacrifices are made,
He willingly leaves his job for a while to make da’wah unpaid,
That inner well of imaan is being restored
With the taqwa of Allah(swt) –his Guardian Lord

He doesn’t want a house in Beverly hills,
No more anti-depressants or sleeping pills
For now he knows Allah(swt) and his rasool
And nothing could be more awesome, brilliant or cool.

Who needs fast cars or designer clothes,
Such things of duniya the zaahid loathes,
Content with his tasbeeh to make dhikr or even stones of dates,
Don’t criticise other groups or enter endless debates

Be focused in this way and maintain your direction,
Too much arguing takes away your perception,
And rarely achieves any true results
Humility is better, otherwise the Lower self exults.

Allah(swt),the one who quivers the earth and shakes the seas,
Flips our hearts like the gentlest breeze,
Muqallib-al-quloob- in control of our soul,
Only he is able to fill within us this infinite hole.

They go on their feet knocking far and near,
A guide , a speaker and an ameer,
Conveying the message of faith and certitude,
The importance of turning to Allah(swt) with gratitude

The sunnah adorns their countenance and every act,
For this is what the postmodern world lacked,
Don’t be deceived by their lack of scholastic erudition,
Each man is a book to be read by those of spiritual cognition.

Some say they don’t love the beloved of Allah or make durud,
Two hundred times each day at least is their spiritual food,
One hundred at morning ,one hundred at night,
It brings great solace- a source of heavenly light

Each act is as per his sunnah’s imitation,
Eating,sleeping ,lying or in ambulation ,
Taught of the ways of the Chosen one,
Who was praised by Allah(swt) before the universe was begun.

For his sake we exist,
And by his shaf’aah we shall subsist,
He is the best of creation, and his is the best nation,
For they invite humanity to enter into salvation.

Some call us wahhabis to try and defame ,
But amongst are many people of tariqa with Allah(swt) as our aim,
Since when did the wahabis endorse humility?,
Arrogance is their character trait –found amongst them in ubiquity

Our founder taught his son the poem of the cloak of Imaam bu-see-ree
The wahabis call his poem shirk and clear heresy,
Our way respects the sufi's chain,
If you know not this hidden truth,let your tongue restrain!

To obey Allah(Swt) is every tableeghi’s wish,
Love and obedience are to the slave like water to the fish,
Without it he will rot and decay forever,
Corruptio optimi pessima.

Knowledge without action is like a tree without yield
And so though fiqh and aqeeda may not be his field,
Yet he walks forward knowing what he must with sincerity,
And invites all to it with great inner clarity

If only those who have critiqued this work for years,
Could know of its barakah and enormous noor,
This rosegarden has been watered by Mawlana Ilyas’s tears
A haven of safety in times when the devil does lure.

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