Ya Tableegh -- Part IV


I knew Br. Tazkiyya was around the forum (Sunniforum) with some other nick and he attested his presence with this latest poem on his all time favorite topic i.e. TJ. 

May Allah Ta'ala reward him for his awe inspiring poetry. Please leave a word or two in the comment section if you like the video.

Away from controversies they glide,
Sobriety and Love collides,
All are welcomed- none denied
Spritual nourishment this path provides.

Marakiz, centers of light, blazing like stars
Spiritual surgery leaving no scars
Saving men from hellfire's chars
Gifting hands with tasbeehs, removing guitars.

The spiritual scent is vivid like musk,
The book of fadail is opened from dawn until dusk
Its light pours out and floods masajid with noor,
These men on a tour, with intentions pure.

Knocks on doors, are knocks on hearts,
Wake up Wake up, before your time departs,
The grave awaits with its trials and joys
So let's become men and abandon these toys.

Maybe 3 chillas, or maybe one- these are just ways...
The time it takes to navigate this maze
Tableegh is the thread of Ariadne of our time,
Escape the Minotaur ,to Jannah let's climb

Hafiz Patel might not say he's a sufi explicity,
But that fruit he's giving is from a spiritual tree,
What did he drink to make his eyes burn with love,
Surely they came from something above.

I can hear Mawalana Ilyas's dhikr tickle my heart,
I can feel his tears moisten my cheeks
Come on this path once more lets depart
I'm fed up of blogs and internet critiques

The heart yearns for Love and not more talk,
Give the books a break and hand back to the ustadh the chalk
These political conspiracy theories drive me completely insane,
WOuld someone tell these political Jam'ahs Allah is one and to him is the reign!

Ultimately tectonic plates don't shake the earth,
And the World Bank doesn't distribute Rizq of any worth
We're people of Wahdatul Wujood and Shuhood,without dilution
With Tawheed let's conclude,through tableegh the angels will bring a revolution

These are my last remarks
Blessings on the Beloved Messenger who was a king but lived as a slave
Leave Hizb at Tahreer to "Qaala" Marx,
But Sayyidina Muhammad(saw)'s Love I crave and crave.

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