Ya Tableegh -- Part V


These centres of Tabligh are a blessed habitat
Edifying souls, preparing for spiritual combat
In an ever stranger world, confused and dazzled,
To hungered spirits, bewildered and frazzled.

The faces of the elders are reflections of lights,
Resplendant, lustrous refulgent sights
In a darkened world smothered with fog and playing games
In lieu of Ilm we’re given an internet blog calling scholars foul names

But these men’s feet bear witness to great travels
Itinerant “monks” without Christian babbles,
Pure unity as theology, the sunnah is pristine,
Other groups rapidly vanishing, these are still on the scene.

Burnouts and people become fatigued and tired,
The tableeghis must be applauded and greatly admired
For their simple efforts are truly inspired
Through years of hard work-Taqwa is acquired.

From Ijtimas to Gashts and daily strolls,
Amassing virtues to their heavenly scrolls
Give intention,make niyyah,- do enrol
Escape materialism’s all engulfing ugly black hole.

You’re daeef, not Zakariyya’s book,
Don’t trust that critic who’s really a crook
What does he know of hadeeth and it’s sciences
His heart lacks spirituality and the awliya’s glances.

Dhikr, Fikr and yet more dhikr
Or else you’ll grow sicker and sicker,
The healing’s not in arguing more,
But in leaving the house for months –“Char”,”Quatre”and ”four”.

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