Ya Tableegh -- Part VI


We carry A memory of the Edenic State
We thirst for that infinity
Tableegh is the route to actuate
The journey to Ultimate Felicity.

In simple groups of women and men
Breaking the limitations of our egos,
No mumbo-jumbo pseudo-zen
This way's prophetic -have complete repose

Whilst some pursue economic gain,
And philosophers study lengthy works,
Shariah and Tariqa-united the Twain
A straight and smooth journey without the jerks.

This inner jihad awakens from all dreaming
The rhythm of the heart echoes that primordial sacred Name
Polished hearts emerge from this factory gleaming
AFter 4 months the emerging human shall never be the same.

There is a way of teaching without vocalising,
There are souls that can be silent witnesses to the Divine.
The tongue is silent, the heart does the advising
Like windows onto a world of lights that shine

Travelling through Jungles ,valleys and seas
Informing the world's people from the English to the Burmese
These spiritual cardiologists curing inner diseases hidden
Without pay ,without profit,voluntarily, unbidden.

Praised by scholars,loved by saints
Helping sinners from sinful taints
Flowing ,reaching,growing , teaching
Silent mosques filled with beautiful preaching.

In the midst of company,remembering God,
Is this not Khalwat dar anjuman?
SUch people in our times might be considered odd,
Blessed its founder and the noble work he began

Awake then all from your deep slumbers,
The universe is ruled by six mathematical numbers,
And the six points of tableegh regulate our spiritual megacosm
So follow them and to the devil's way don't succumb

Courtesy: Bhai Tazkiyyah aka akabirofdeoband

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