Ya Tableegh -- Part VII

I forsake my luxurious King-sized bed,
And on the path of Allah with a sleeping bag I tread,
I relinquish my jacuzzi and its relaxing vibrations,
And traipse and stride on tableeghi migrations.

I abdicate my Armani suits,
My versace ties and my gucci boots,
For flowing clothes embodying the “sunnan” essence
Instead of western aesthetic decadence.

My expensive Italian dinner table,
Gives way to a simple sheet on the floor,
For we eat like slaves –for us “abd” is the highest label,
The sunnah for us is sacred law.

My Cartier watch used to count the seconds,
Whilst I dabbed on my clothes aftershaves and lotions
Now only the sound of the enchaning adhan beckons,
In mosques I make lengthy devotions.

My pentium I leave at home,
Whilst I travel to Bangladesh,India Pakistan and Rome,
Disconnected from internet blogs and the information glut ,
I can really focus now on my ibaadah and tahajjud!

Though electronic toothbrushes are all the fashion,
They cannot capture of the miswaak’s barakah a fraction,
Be not led by Colgate’s latest innovation,
My friend follow Muhammad(saw)’s way without deviation.

I squandered my nights watching premier league,
I consecrate my time now with Tableegh,
Carpe diem …seize the day- its of great importance
This commodity has great consequence.

The devils utilise various channels to keep us in intoxication
Using music channels like Zee tv and B-4u with great persuasion,
Luring our ears and eyes with great corruption
Causing our hearts to be coated with black encrustation.

So that noor no longer has any penetration,
Does this point need any more elaboration?
This blessed method of recent times- jam’aah tableegh
Has proven to be efficacious to remove this spiritual fatigue

Knocking on portals by night and day,
There are many tribulations in this way,
Many a door is slammed bang onto my face,
Humility cannot help but follow such disgrace.

Though I may face accusation upon Accusation,
And be the subject of much vituperation,
Nothing can deter me from my destination,
Firm like a tree with the deepest roots in the earths foundation.

Cleaning dirty latrines and lavatories,
Whose scent and pungency is unaromatic,
Its not easy to tame the nafs and its tendencies,
Arrogance is a sign it is symptomatic

So its best to nip it at the inception,
And not be deluded by the world, and satanic deception,
Spiritual cleansing follows physical khidmah and service,
Crucial steps for the seeking novice.

Even small steps on the path of da’wah are noble,
Don’t underestimate small-look at the atom, look at Chernobyl,
Like non-local quantum interactions,
The fragrance of tableegh spreads guidance amongst humanities distant factions!

Good company motivates and rejuvenates,
Replenishing our dried-up inner spiritual spring,
Its much easier to pray and be particular about islamic dictates,
When ones pious companions are engaged in sublime striving

Why do you tablighis endlessly repeat the same prophetic traditions?
Well why do advertisers repeat their devilish communications?
So that the messages may fill your mind and soul's numerous perforations,
So follow these luminous TRUTHS and leave their ibleesi prevarications!

My friends sometimes find it quite peculiar,
That I should leave a six figure salary to reform my soul,
Walking on my aching feet takes it toll,
Whilst I could have purchased a jaguar.

For I see the delights of infinity,
This world cannot and will not last forever
I can’t wait to meet my Lord and be in his proximity,
These few days can be passed like a traveller.

Every second we spend has eternal repercussions,
We shall reap these seeds in eternity,
A cause of endless delights or abiding afflictions,
We journey to peridition or to felicity.
So invite all and sundry to this direction,
Away from the relative to the absolute,
This is the first point of this jam’aah’s erection,
In its affirmation we must remain resolute.

Tableegh is my spiritual umbilical cord,
Connecting me to my merciful lord,
It fills the soul with abundant celestial Oxygen,
So that the engine within can convert unimplemented knowledge to action.

The detractors of this work frequently deny,
The benefits of this and often supply,
Wahabi arguments couched in many flaws,
We have no time for this- let them wag their jaws.

They cause us no pain and no alarm,
But rather to their own souls is the greatest harm,
For we pick the nourishing fruits from our spiritual farm,
Though their books have colourful covers-its just superficial charm

We engage not currently in western politics,
Nor do we have time for apologetics or semantics,
We are busy supplying to a dying ummah spiritual anti-biotics
How then can we engage in academic dialectics?

Makkah precedes madeenah in rendition
A fact the political jam’aahs have kept in omission
True spirituality always comes before and precedes sedition,
We are not Greeks-the Odyssey is the prequel to the Iliad in our tradition

So What is required is not an eloquent politician,
But rather a man gifted with inner intuition
Before martial struggle prepare your inner virtuous ammunition
And become a healing spiritual physician

A tableeghi is like an artist carving his soul,
With prophetic wisdom to chisel away to reach his goal,
And produce a sacred piece of art…..
An inviting, resplendent purified heart.

If this occurs my friend then remain alert,
And behold non-muslims view this and rapidly convert,
Beauty often requires no invitation,
The observer is struck by its captivation

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